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  • The Origin

    Fearless Fighters started off as a small paper card game I made in my room when I was bored! I was 10 years old when the first cards of the game were made! I drew the characters in black and white on large index cards, and also made some on small plain white cards. I'd play the game with my friends and family, and it was actually pretty fun!

  • Expanding The Series

    As I created more and more paper cards for the game, I also started to make books, and make stories for the FF characters! It became the main thing I did! Then I slowly stared to run out of character ideas and started to slowly lose interest in making the books. I ended up abandoning the game's creation, still playing sometimes, but not creating it.

  • Coming Back

    Every so often, I'd look back in my Fearless Fighters card game and book box in my room. I always loved the characters, and I felt kind of sad just leaving them to be. After a few times of doing this, I finally decided that I can't just let all these characters and creations go to waste! So, I got an iPad for drawing, and got started on remaking all 210 cards!

  • Drawing The Cards

    The first few cards I drew were horrible! But I got better each time I made a new card. It was off to a rocky start. I didn't always feel like drawing the cards, but it was always cool to see the result. I knew my old self would be so happy to know there would be full color Fearless Fighters cards! I eventually was able to keep up with creating 2 cards per day! After around 6 months, all the cards were finished! I had to go back and make changes to all the cards, especially the earlier ones I made, but then they ended up like I hoped! I got a deck of all 210 cards printed, and it was so cool to see. In the time I waited for the cards to be printed, I even made the first FF story book!

  • The Hardest Part

    So, I haven't fully achieved my childhood dream yet! I used to think about how awesome it would be if the FF game was for sale, but I thought that would never happen! But here we are now! After a few months of figuring out things about business, and making the website, the game is finally where it is now! I hope that the world will enjoy my card game that I've created! So have fun fighting crazy creatures!

  • What's Next?

    I'll keep up with creating the booster packs for the game and packaging the cards! And soon enough, the first FF story book will be for sale!

How to play Fearless Fighters!


- Choose 3-5 players, with 2 as a viable but more luck-based option.

- Two play methods: craft 2 decks: one with normal cards and one with power-up cards or allow players to bring their customized decks to battle!

- Distribute 10 random normal cards and 2 random power-up cards to each player, kept private, or if playing with customized decks, everyone brings 10 normal cards, and 2 power-up cards.

- Players select 5 hidden cards and 5 starting cards, leaving both power-ups visible.

- Display starting cards, keeping the hidden ones in a face-down deck called the hidden deck.


- Take turns in a set order, using one attack per turn (one power-up card can be used simultaneously).

- Damage dealt equals the lives lost by the attacked card.

- Cards hitting 0 lives move to a discard pile.

- Discard power-up cards post-use; some are reusable. It'll be stated on the card how much it can be used.

- Once a player loses all 5 starting cards, they reveal their hidden deck.

- The last player standing with a normal card (power-ups excluded) is the winner.


- Level: Upper left corner, primarily for design, rarely affecting gameplay.

- Character Name: Top of the card.

- Life Number: Upper right corner, indicating the card's lives.

- Attacks: The bottom half of the card, listing the name and damage of each attack, and for some attacks, describing what they do when used.

- Power-Ups: Additional cards enhancing attacks.

- The Deck: The large pile of unused cards, only in games that aren’t with custom decks.

- Reveal: Switching a card from the hidden deck into play.

- Round: A full turn cycle.

- Puzzled: A “puzzled” card can only do half of its usual damage for a round.

- Disabled: A “disabled” card can’t use any attacks for a round.

- All attack and life numbers end with zero; round up if needed.


- In the rare case of a card being stolen, (only doable from very rare attacks) it retains its previous state, including lost lives and used attacks.

Enjoy the battle! Feel free to tweak the game, adjusting card numbers or excluding power-ups. Solo play is an option too!